Thanksgiving coloring pages printable

I am so thankful to have you all reading along with our playful adventures here on NurtureStore, and I wanted to share a little gratitude with you… so I’ve made a Thanksgiving coloring page printable.Thanksgiving coloring page printable - great for kids, classes, or as a placemat on the Thanksgiving table. Love!

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Gratitude prayer flags :: Thanksgiving craft for kids

Here’s a Thanksgiving craft for kids that’s fun to make, looks beautiful and sends out positive wishes to the world: Thanksgiving prayer flags.Gratitude prayer flags - a wonderful Thanksgiving craft for kids

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Autumn leaf art

Here’s a beautiful idea for some autumn leaf art, adding a little extra sparkle to the season.gorgeous autumn leaf art

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45+ fall sensory play activities

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Valentine crafts :: make a Valentine’s gratitude tree

Looking for some Valentine crafts for kids ready for next month?

Here’s one of our favourite Valentine crafts: a Valentine gratitude tree.

valentine craft 1

I think you can make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for children if you move away from a focus on romantic love and instead think about what you’re grateful for. Ask your children what they love or who they love and you might find their answers surprising. You can capture their passions with this Valentine Gratitude Tree idea. Read more »