How to make a weather station

how to make a weather station

When she wakes up in the morning L likes to check the weather app on my phone to see what’s forecast for the day. I think she likes the animated visual of the rain or the shining sun but she’s also interested in the temperature. We haven’t had such a cold winter this year but there have been a few days when the temperature has dipped below zero and L is fascinated that something can be less than nothing.

We decided we’d investigate further and try to make our own weather station to check if the weather forecasters on the phone get it right. There are few different ways the children can be involved in setting this up and you can decide whether you want to looking at the sky, the wind, the temperature  or the rain. A weather station project also gives you lots of scope to include many different aspects of learning: observation, recording data, graphing, guessing and estimating, taking notes and translating results in to real-life consequences.

Our project is part of the Weather Blog Hop which is linking many kid blogs around the world to bring you all sorts of  weather ideas you can use with your children – science, art, games, activities, you name it, we’ve got it! Have a browse through the links at the end of this post for lots of ideas.  If you have a weather idea you would like to share please feel free to add it to the linky too.

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St. Swithin’s Day activities: whatever the weather

st swithins day activities ideas

Come rainy day or sunny day these activities will bring some fun to St. Swithin’s Day

St. Swithin’s Day is on Friday July 15th, and legend says the skies on this day will set the weather for the rest of the summer. If it rains on Friday we’re in for another forty days of rain! Here are some weather-themed activity ideas to make the most of the summer – whatever the weather. (And note I’m giving lots more ideas for sunny days that rainy day – ever the optimist!)


fresh air everyday
Rainy day activities

Use the puddles to test out what floats

Go mud surfing (This looks like so much fun!)

Use the rain to create some beautiful art like this or like this

st swithins day activities
Sunny day activities

Use the sun to cook your dinner with this homemade solar powered pizza oven

Create some water painted coffee filter sunshines

Make a sunflower sundial

Create some tissue paper sun catchers

Brew some sun tea

Use your handprints to make a beautiful sunflower

Harness the sunlight to make some art prints

Blow some enormous bubbles and watch the sunshine make patterns on them

Whatever the weather on St Swithin’s Day – get outside and have some fun!

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