Making puppets with children :: Simple Play

Making puppets with children is a springboard into art, story telling, role play and lots of language practise. Here are some great ideas you can use to make and play with puppets ~ part of our Simple Play :: complex learning series.

{Click each individual photo in the image below to hop through to see all the ideas.}

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15 fabulous small world activities:: Simple Play series

There’s something so wonderful about creating a small world to play with. Whether your child loves dolls, trains, dinosaurs or diggers, setting up a miniature land, where they can imagine, role play, chat and act our stories, is packed full of play and learning potential. Here are fifteen of our favourite small world play ideas, and invitation for you to join in with us.

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The Nativity puppets, printables and play

Share the story of the Nativity with your children, through puppets, printables and play.

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Winter wonderland imaginary play

Turn a simple cardboard box into a fabulous Winter Wonderland for lots of creative imaginary play and storytelling.

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Father Christmas puppet printables for playdough

Print and play with these Father Christmas puppet printables ~ perfect to go with play dough!
Free printable Father Christmas puppet set ~ great for imaginary play and story telling | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

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