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Tell me about your spring plans

Hey there! Did you have a good week with your kids? We had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year – we cooked up a feast and the girls loved grinding their own five-spice in our new pestle and mortar. Funny isn’t it, when they fall in love with something simple like a kitchen utensil. Who needs toys when you can play with a spice grinder!

Next week I have something I’m super excited about – I’ll tell you about my new book! But for this week, I hope you like the ideas I’ve picked out for the Play Planner. And there’s one thing I’d like to know from you: are you planning on doing some gardening with your children this spring? What’s your outdoor space like, and what plans do you have for it. Will you email me back and tell me a bit about your garden plans?

I’d love to hear from you.  –  Cathy

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Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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Want to ask me a question? :: Play Planner


Want to ask me a question?

Hey tribe! Do you follow NurtureStore on Facebook? We have such a lovely community there. Everyday I see people tagging friends and colleagues, and sharing on our ideas. I love being part of this group – I feel like I have found my tribe of people who love kids, and play, and early years as much as me, and it’s the best part about running this website.

Want to ask the community a question? Just this week Sarah had great support for her question about her daughter not being able to settle to sleep at night, with such good, positive and practical ideas being swapped.

To make it easier to gather your questions, I’ve made this form. If there’s a question on the topic of kids, parenting, early years play or education that you’d like some help with  – post it here. I’ll share as many questions as I can on the NurtureStore Facebook page and we can see what answers the community has for you. (if you can’t see the form on the screen you’re using, go here)

Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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Would you tell someone about me? :: Play Planner

A fab site for creative kids learning ideas.

Recommend a friend for freebies!

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve had a good week. We celebrated my elder daughter’s 12th birthday party with a house full of friends and family. I love that she’s now old enough to bake her own birthday cake. It was yummy!

I hope you like the free printable alphabet cards I’ve made this week. We’ve been using them for our spelling activities. It makes such a difference to have an ABC set to play with, rather than only writing spellings down on a piece of paper. (Boring!) My girls have been enjoying these cards, so I hope you find them useful too.

Oh, and… know someone who might like a set of the ABC cards? Or who might like to receive this weekly Play Planner? If you’ve received this by email, you can forward it on to a friend or colleague. If you’re reading online, you can copy the link up top and share it on Facebook. Invite them to print the alphabet cards, or if they pop their email address in the box below I’ll send them a copy of the Play Planner. Thanks for helping spread the word. Cathy

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Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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Like lovely handmade toys? :: Play Planner


Happy Handmade things *you* can make

If you enjoy making, love recycling, and favour creative play and toys that encourage imagination and fun, Happy Handmade is the book for you! It’s a beautiful book that makes you want to start crafting straightaway. I love that the projects are all easily ‘do-able’ and use materials we already have at home, but also all have that special spark of creativity that makes them unique. And most of all I love how each project is a springboard into lots of fun, creative play.

Happy Homemade is available for the first two weeks of its launch at just $9.99 - but only until February 3rd 2015. So, if you’d like this book that’s bursting with fab projects for you and your children at the bargain price, buy it now!

I love the unicorn but my daughter’s favourite are the dolls’ clothes. You can take a peek inside the book here.

Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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Know someone learning to read? :: Play Planner

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Know someone who’s learning to read?

I have just the book for them! I’ve been looking around for a while for a title to add in to the NurtureStore book shop that is a great resource for children learning to read – and I’ve found it!

I Can Teach My Child To Read, by Jenae Jacobson, is a comprehensive and wonderful resource that will help you nurture your child’s skills and enjoyment of reading. It contains a 10-step program that’s really easy to follow, and it’s suitable for parents and childcarers with children starting their ABCs, right through to those on the way to reading confidently.


What I really like about the book is that it’s really practical, and the activities included are fun – things I know my daughters would enjoy. Jenae is an experienced first grade teacher, so the book is also packed full of her knowledge, which, in turn, gives you the support and confidence to be the person helping your child learn this most important skill.

How to get your copy

If you have a child around three, four, five, six, seven or eight, this is such a wonderful resource to have. It’s available in our shop now and costs just $9.99. It’s an ebook, which means you can buy it anywhere in the world (PayPal takes care of any currency conversion) and then you can read it on screen or print it off, as you prefer.

You can see more details here, or go ahead and buy it now.

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 Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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