Simple play :: complex learning

Happy New Year! Welcome to the second annual Simple Play community event. Join in with us for  a month of play that’s focused on getting back to the heart of the blog and the heart of childhood. Play along and share your photos with us!simple play activities 300

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Literacy outside :: great tips for summer learning

After our garden audit we’re gearing up to make more use of our outdoor space now the summer is on the way. Here are five quick and easy ideas we’re using to take our literacy outside.

Great ideas for taking reading and writing outdoors for some fun summer learning.


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Soothing lavender sensory tub

This soothing lavender sensory tub is just the thing for a hot summer’s day, or just before bedtime.

soothing sensory tub with lavender :: keeping kids cool, or for a bedtime routine

Soothing lavender sensory tub

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Flower sensory tub

A beautiful flower sensory tub idea that takes just minutes to set up but can give a whole morning of happy play.

Love this flower sensory tub - so simple to make, and so pretty to play with.

Flower sensory tub

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This paint moves! Watercolour painting with kids

Here’s a favourite idea from our kids painting archive, introducing children to watercolour painting and trying out a while new – and rather exciting! – way of using it.

watercolour painting

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