Simple play :: complex learning

Happy New Year! Welcome to a brand new series on NurtureStore that’s focused on getting back to the heart of the blog and the heart of childhood. Welcome to Simple Play :: complex learning.Join NurtureStore for a special month of play-based learning: packed full of kids ideas!

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Literacy outside :: great tips for summer learning

After our garden audit we’re gearing up to make more use of our outdoor space now the summer is on the way. Here are five quick and easy ideas we’re using to take our literacy outside.

Great ideas for taking reading and writing outdoors for some fun summer learning.


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This paint moves! Watercolour painting with kids

Here’s a favourite idea from our kids painting archive, introducing children to watercolour painting and trying out a while new – and rather exciting! – way of using it.

watercolour painting

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Water play experiments: learning through play

water play

We’ve been enjoying some water play this week, as requested by the children. They love the sensory play element and I love that it’s the cleanest messy play activity around! The addition of a few extra materials, and some question prompts from me, turned their water play into some science experiments and maths play.

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How to make a toy boat

how to make a toy boat ship
The sun is shining, the paddling pool is ready and we have a group of children, with a mix of ages, all with their own idea of how to make a toy boat. Read more »