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Happy New Year! Welcome to a brand new series on NurtureStore that’s focused on getting back to the heart of the blog and the heart of childhood. Welcome to Simple Play :: complex learning.Join NurtureStore for a special month of play-based learning: packed full of kids ideas!

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The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book

I’m so excited to launch The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book.  It’s a fantastic resource that brings you recipes and ideas for a whole year of play.

The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book :: recipes and ideas for a whole year of play dough play!


The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book

This book is for you! Play dough is such a beneficial material for children to play with and so versatile that it can be used however old your children are, and whatever their passions might be.

The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book brings you recipes and play ideas for a whole year of activities. It includes great ideas for sensory and imaginative play, creating small worlds, art projects, and math and literacy activities.

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100 days of summer bucket list

June is here and we are ready to welcome good times with a 100 days of summer bucket list. We have a whole season of fun play ideas here – all tried and tested by real kids! There’s a range of activities to suit all different ages, stages and tastes. You could browse the list and try some of your favourites, or go all out and do one a day between now and the end of summer! {Click through on each link for a full how-to tutorial on each idea.}

100 days of summer bucket list : packed full of ideas for things to do with the kids to keep playing and learning all summer long.

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100 fun kids activities for Screen Free Week

screen free week kids activities

New here? Get fun kids play ideas from us all year round!

NurtureStore’s Play Planner is already sent to over 10,000 families every week. If you’d like to have a copy of the weekly play planner delivered straight to your e-mail in box, just pop your e-mail address in the box below. The planner will arrive on a Sunday, ready and waiting with a week’s worth of play ideas for the week ahead.

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Screen Free Week ideas

Just as a healthy diet can certainly include cake, so a balanced childhood can include screen time. Family movie nights, skyping with Grandma and typing stories on the laptop are all great fun. It’s just there are so many other fun thing to do if you step away from a screen.

This week is Screen-Free Week. It also happens to coincide with two birthdays in our household and an extra day off school for the girls. So, I’m not here. We’re embracing Screen-Free week, going offline and enjoying some fun family time. We’re probably baking birthday cake, visiting an art gallery or up to our knees in water beads as you read this. If you’d like to join in and spend a little more time with the kids and without a screen this week, whether for an hour, a day or the whole week, here are 100 fun kids activities you could try.

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$130+ Learning Through Play Spring special offer just $9.99

Brought to you by Melitsa of Raising Playful Tots and Cathy of NurtureStore, along with some of our favourite bloggers and authors, the Spring Learning Through Play special offer is now open – but for April 8th to April 14th only.

This special offer had now finished. All the books and resources are still available from the original authors – click through on each book’s link to get your copy.

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We have put together a package worth over $130 – but available to you at a very special price – of e-books and resources, all based around Learning Through Play. This Spring Special Offer includes books, resources and an on-line course, and covers sensory play, outdoor play, art and crafts, positive parenting, learning to read and write, math and lots more. There’s so much in the bundle it will give you ideas to use with your children all spring and summer long. You’ll recognize the authors as the writers of some of your favorite blogs – check out the full details below to see who’s joining in.

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