Encourage learning with a Wonder Wall

How many planets are there? Why does mummy like peas but I don’t? Why is fire sometimes blue?  Why can’t we breathe in space?

Children ask so many interesting questions – thirsty for knowledge and full of wondering. Often though, we don’t get the chance to answer their questions: if we’re in the middle of an activity, about to head out somewhere, or because we simply don’t know the answer ourselves. It is such a shame to lose those questions, ignore that interest and possibly switch of children’s curiosity. So, here’s our solution: make a Wonder Wall!

How to use a Wonder Wall to encourage kids' questions :: classroom organisation


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5 reasons speech bubbles are great for learning to read and write

We’ve hit on a winning combination this week and discovered a super fun way to encourage lots of reading and writing. Here’s how we’re using speech bubbles to bring giggles to learning to read and write.


5 reasons speech bubbles are great for learning to read and write [Read more…]

Maps and literacy

Great ideas for using maps for reading and writing skills

If you’re out and about this summer grab a map and add some literacy lessons.

1. Giving a map to the children and following your route as you go is a great lesson in geography. Look out for landmarks, talk about left and right and the points of the compass. What words can they spot on the map to match up with what they see on their journey? [Read more…]

Sight words seashells :: sensory spellings

How do you help your children learn sight words and spellings? My girls are a whole lot more interested when their learning is through hands-on, sensory play. Here’s how we’re using some of our stash of seashells from the beach to help with learning how to read and spell.

Great ideas to help children learn sight words and spelling, through hands-on, sensory learning

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