Activities for toddlers :: imaginary play

We’re mid-way through our special series on activities for toddlers. If you’ve been following along with us you’ll have already seen our ideas for sensory play, arts and craft and math games. Today we’re all about imaginary play, with ideas for setting up a shop, going camping in your playroom, and hosting a posh tea party. We also have ideas for children who love dinosaurs, pirates and dens.

activities for toddlers imaginary play

Activities for toddlers :: imaginary play [Read more…]

Create a Pixie Post Office

just so festival pixie post office

I’ve written before about making writing irresistible so children are encouraged to pick up a pencil and start writing and in my last post this week from the Just So Festival I thought you’d like to see their wonderful way to invite all the children to send someone a letter: a pixie post office provided by the FairyLand Trust.

Which child wouldn’t want to pop inside this tent to discover what was on offer inside? [Read more…]

Playing dens

playing dens

A strange new habitat has appeared in our playroom – what could it be?

how to make a den

Secret surveillance cameras reveal signs of life – glimpses of the wild creatures inside.

playing cubbys

Special cameras attached to the animals allow us to penetrate deep into the burrow, where no adults may enter.

kids photos

The footage reveals that, deep underground, these creatures like to play…

a den

…and sleep in four poster beds.

B says ‘playing dens is our favourite thing ever’. I say a whole day’s worth of happy, imaginative play is well worth having a messy room to tidy.

If your children love dens (or forts or cubbies) too, they might like the ideas in B’s guide to building dens.

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