Seasonal sensory tubs for every month

You can use sensory tubs for the pure delight of exploring the senses, as a way to calm or stimulate children, and also for maths, literacy and imaginary play.

See our guide on how to make a sensory tub and then use these seasonal ideas to make sensory tubs for each month of the year.

Sensory tubs for every month of the year - a fantastic resource of sensory play ideas

Seasonal sensory tubs for every month

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Fizzy science experiment with bicarbonate soda and vinegar

This is a really fun, fizzy science experiment that you can try with your children: using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to have fun with chemistry. Don’t forget the glitter!
Fab fizzy science experiment for kids - great sensory play, kitchen science experiment or science fair project

Fizzy science experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

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Snow cloud dough recipe

Here’s a quick and easy snow cloud dough recipe that’s great for winter sensory play.

how to make snow cloud dough recipe - great for winter sensory play

Easy snow cloud dough recipe

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The best kids painting ideas :: Simple Play

For day three of our Simple Play :: complex learning series, we’re taking a cue from a report in the US that opportunities for art can have a dramatic and positive effect on children’s academic performance, and we’re all about: paint!

the best kids painting ideas

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Christmas play dough recipe

This Christmas play dough recipe is inspired by the Christmas-flavoured sugar I make each year to go on our Christmas-movie-popcorn. The sugar smells exactly like Christmas, with a blend of herbs and spices that fills the house with a festive feeling and, as I often have play dough on my brain, I thought why not try it for a Christmas play dough recipe?

Super Christmas play dough recipe - smells like Christmas spices. Great for sensory play and fine motor skills activities

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