100 hands-on, creative math activities for kids

100 hands-on, creative math activities for kids. For ages 0 - 10. organised into topics and seasonal themes.

Hands-on, multi-sensory, creative math activities

At NurtureStore, we specialise in learning through hands-on, creative play. Here are over 100 of our favourite creative math activities for kids that offer a fun, multi-sensory approach. The activities are listed by topic and theme to make it easy for you to browse our archive and find ideas that are right for your children. Read more »

Shell mandalas :: math and art

These shell mandalas are a great lesson in math and art. shell mandalas for kids :: math and art

Shell mandalas

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Valentine play dough recipe

Here’s a really simple, no cook Valentine play dough recipe, along with some maths play ideas. If you’ve never made homemade dough before, give it a try!Reall easy, no cook Valentine play dough recipe {plus maths play ideas}

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7 kids games with chalk :: Simple Play

Today’s topic in our Simple Play :: complex learning series focuses on playing with chalk. Read on for my favourite ways to use chalk, with ideas for art, games, math, literacy, action games and puppets.
kids games with chalk

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Exploring maths and art :: a new series from NurtureStore

Welcome to a new series on NurtureStore where we’re going to be exploring maths and art, learning more about each by learning about them together. Today we’re all about circles.

Exploring circles {and a special maths and art series from NurtureStore)

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