100 hands-on, creative math activities for kids

100 hands-on, creative math activities for kids. For ages 0 - 10. organised into topics and seasonal themes.

Hands-on, multi-sensory, creative math activities

At NurtureStore, we specialise in learning through hands-on, creative play. Here are over 100 of our favourite creative math activities for kids that offer a fun, multi-sensory approach. The activities are listed by topic and theme to make it easy for you to browse our archive and find ideas that are right for your children. Read more »

Pancakes! Fun maths for kids

pancakes fun maths for kids

This week we discovered the essential ingredient for fun maths for kids….. pancakes! With some clever added extras, we’ve turned our breakfasts into some maths activities the children have loved. They’ve been counting, measuring, graphing, estimating, charting, giggling and learning. Here’s how:

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The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book

I’m so excited to launch The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book.  It’s a fantastic resource that brings you recipes and ideas for a whole year of play.

The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book :: recipes and ideas for a whole year of play dough play!


The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book

This book is for you! Play dough is such a beneficial material for children to play with and so versatile that it can be used however old your children are, and whatever their passions might be.

The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book brings you recipes and play ideas for a whole year of activities. It includes great ideas for sensory and imaginative play, creating small worlds, art projects, and math and literacy activities.

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Activities for toddlers :: math games

Welcome to day three of our special series that’s Just Right For Toddlers. We’ve already looked at sensory play and arts and crafts, and today our focus is on math games. All our ideas are based on learning through play and math is no exception. We don’t need to try and sit toddlers down at a table and fill in worksheets, when we can explore the same math concepts through games, play and everyday activities.

In these toddler activities we’re looking at learning to count and recognise numbers. We’ve also got ideas that explore shapes and measuring, matching and sorting.

activities for toddlers math games

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Eat some fractions

fraction activities

Teaching children fractions is easy in the kitchen as meal times are when we apply fractions to our everyday lives. Whether we realise it or not every time we make sandwiches, cut up a cake or share out slices of pizza we’re using fractions. Here are some ideas you can use with children to introduce fractions in a fun and practical way, so that when they come to ‘learn’ fractions at school they’ll already be familiar and confident with the underlying principles.

How to Throw a Fractions Tea Party

  • Make some sandwiches and cut off the crusts to make a clear square shape from your slices of bread. Help your child to slice up the sandwiches and talk about the shapes and fractions you make as you slice. Cut the sandwich in half to make two rectangles. Cut it into quarters and count the four smaller squares you have. Cut these diagonally into eigths and count the eight triangles you have made.
  • Make a drink of juice and talk about how many parts of water and juice you need to mix together. Maybe you want to make half water and half fruit juice – measure out two equal halves and pour them together to make a whole drink. Maybe you need to use tenths and mix one tenth cordial with nine tenths juice. If you have a clear plastic bottle you can make lines on the outside with a permanent marker to divide the bottle up into tenths, to make the fractions clearer.
  • Put your child in charge of splitting some fruit into fractions. If you have five people in your family your child is going to have to give everyone a fifth of a share from a bag of grapes. Let them line up five little bowls and put one grape (or blueberry or whatever) in each bowl, repeating until all the grapes are shared out, with a fifth in each bowl.
  • Have some cake for pudding, cut into slices. How many slices do you have? How much is left after everyone has had a slice of cake – half? Three quarters? A third?

Including talk about maths in your everyday play and activities gives your child lots of opportunity to play about with concepts, so that when they come to study them in a more academic way they already have the beginning of an understanding of the principles, and they will feel comfortable and confident in approaching maths.

Math games and play based learning

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