Pancakes! Fun maths for kids

pancakes fun maths for kids

This week we discovered the essential ingredient for fun maths for kids….. pancakes! With some clever added extras, we’ve turned our breakfasts into some maths activities the children have loved. They’ve been counting, measuring, graphing, estimating, charting, giggling and learning. Here’s how:

Pancakes = fun maths for kids [Read more…]

Symmetry art: Valentine love hearts

Symmetry art is a classic childhood painting activity and it works so well as a Valentine craft. Here’s one of our favourite Valentine ideas, mixing maths and art.Symmetry art Valentine craft for kids - great art and maths lesson! | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

Symmetry art: love hearts

To start you’ll need lots and lots of love hearts. We used white card to make ours. Folding the  card in half makes it easier to cut out your shapes, as you’ll want both halves of the heart to be the same size so the symmetry magic works. The children can of course have a go – the hearts can be any size they like. [Read more…]