Halloween math activities

Before you eat, let’s count, measure, estimate and graph using trick-or-teat candy for some fun Halloween math activities.

Halloween math activities : fun ideas for Halloween math stations using trick-or-treat candy

Halloween math activities

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Diwali rangoli designs with colored salt

Diwali rangoli designs made with colored salt are a gorgeous sensory delight – and they’re really easy to make. Here’s how:

Gorgeous rangoli patterns for Diwali, made with DIY colored salt

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Spooky sums Halloween math games

Here’s a frightfully fun set of spooky sums – a great Halloween maths game!

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Pine cone math station

This hands-on pine cone math station is a great investigation table that invites children to explore estimating, counting, size comparison, measuring weight and length, and recording data in a table – all while having fun.

Hands-on math station using pine cones: counting, estimating, measuring and using units of length and weight, diameters, recording data, tables, and....fun!Pine cone math station

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What does it weigh? kids experiment

what does it weigh

We’ve been doing some baking this week – made our Christmas cake, complete with wishes – and L was really interested in the scales we were using. In the past, although she’s always joined in, it’s been big sister who’s done most of the weighting, so it was interesting this time too see L looking closely at all those numbers and trying to weigh her own hand. Time for an experiment to answer L’s repeated question: what does it weigh?

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