Christmas sensory play :: Christmas tree craft and matching game

I’m teaming up with Christie, Kate, Ana, Kristina and Meri to bring you a wonderful Christmas sensory play series.

Each week we’ll have a range of activities to explore the season through our senses.

This week we’re using our sense of sight and I have a gorgeous Christmas tree craft that invites children to use their eyes to make a festive art display – or a Christmas tree matching game. Use the links at the end of this article to see all the other ideas so you can set up a sensory play experience for your children too.

Easy Christmas tree craft for preschool

Christmas sensory play :: Christmas tree craft and matching game

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Christmas tree math games for preschool

These Christmas tree math games for preschool aged children are fun to make and play.

Christmas tree math activities for preschool

Christmas tree math games for preschool

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Circle math games :: making maths fun!

These circle math games add a little fun to practising basic math facts. Here’s how to make your own DIY game.

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Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities

The Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities ebook is designed to bring hands-on fun and enjoyment to math and science. It is packed with powerful learning opportunities in math and science, shared through ideas that incorporate art, play, sensory learning and discovery, for a whole-brain approach.

40 hands-on science and creative math projects for school or home.

Add some Fizz, Pop, Bang! to your learning

This book is for you if…

:: your child is three to eight years old and you are looking for ideas to bring hands-on fun to their learning

:: you are looking for a broad range of math and science activities for home or for school

:: you want activities that your child will enjoy and which encourage them to think, question, explore and discover through rich, creative learning

Download all the resources for just $9.99

All 40 projects, along with the 20 printable resources are available for  just $9.99 and you can download it here.

hands-on science and math activities

What you get in Fizz, Pop, Bang!

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Pumpkin games

Quick to set up, lots of fun to play: try these pumpkin games for some seasonal maths and literacy practise.

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