Creative writing ideas :: word birds

We were lucky enough to attend a workshop with the textile artist BeckyAdams as part of the GobbleDEEbook Children’s Literature Festival. Becky introduced a creative writing idea that combined art, imagination and storytelling and invited everyone to make their very own Word Bird. Here’s how our little flock turned out, and how you can make some Word Birds with your own children.

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Animals of the night :: 7 days of creativity with the Night Zookeeper

We have been joined by the Night Zookeeper this week. He has put together a selection of ideas on how to create magical animals and share them with the world by uploading them to his wonderful online zoo.

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Fantastic creative fun for kids: download the Night Zookeeper!

Good evening and welcome to my zoo. This zoo is unlike any other in the world. Here you can awaken your imagination and play under the light of stars. There are thousands of magical animals in our zoo, from Time Travelling Elephants to Spying Giraffes.

What will you create?

Young zookeepers all over the world have been creating magical animals in lots of different ways. Test your creativity by completing a different mission each day.

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How to make an easy owl mask

At the Just So Festival we took part in a Wild Rumpus parade, joining the {winning!} owl tribe. The girls loved making their costumes and dressing up with a whole group of other owls, big and small, so much that I thought I’d share how we made our easy owl masks. Watch out for some more owl crafts over the next few days too – wings and bunting are on the way!

How to make an easy owl mask / owl costume. Beautiful but easy to make!How to make an easy owl mask [Read more…]