Newspaper art from yesterday’s news

Sometimes the best art comes from very simple materials – especially when you go big and bold!Great, simple, kids art project using newspaper

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Fun kids science experiments :: homemade lollipops

Learning can be delicious with fun kids science experiments like these homemade lollipops. They’re easy to make, yummy to eat and give children the opportunity for some hands-on science investigation.

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Top 25 easy kids recipes :: Simple Play

Day Eleven of our Simple Play series is all about kids in the kitchen. Cooking with kids offers opportunities to have fun, learn great life skills, and work on every day maths and science. Plus you might end up with something yummy to eat too. If you need ideas for easy kids recipes, here are our favourites – all tried, tested and eaten by us!

25+ great recipes for kids to try  NurtureStore

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Super yummy ripe banana recipe

Here’s my super yummy recipe that does the trick at using up ripe bananas: blueberry and banana pancakes.Love this recipe for using up ripe bananas - yummy and sugar free!

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Activities for toddlers :: cooking with toddlers

Here is the final installment in our special series featuring activities for toddlers. We’ve already covered sensory play, maths games, art and craft, reading, writing and song, and outdoor play, science and active games and today our last edition is all about cooking. Can toddlers cook? You bet they can! It might get just a little messy, but it’s great fun and packed with opportunity for learning. Here are some simple recipes, all tried and tested with my own kids.

activities for toddlers cooking

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