Build your own toy town and road system

Two pounds wisely invested in the local charity shop this morning means we are the pleased owners of a bag of trucks and cars. Raiding the craft box we had an abundance of cardboard packaging from mail order books, so we got busy creating our own town. Do you like it? The kids are most impressed with the flyover bridge system (although it’s a little precarious despite being reinforced with some extra cardboard underneath). I like the car wash. There was a bit of confusion with the traffic lights as I wasn’t sure if the red or green light went on top – you can tell I can’t drive – but kids assured me we’d got it right. Using the fold out book packaging turned out really well as it folds back down for storage at the end of the day. I think we’ll be adding extra buildings over the next few weeks. Why don’t you try making your own town?

If your child enjoys making this they might like to try a castle too.


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