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Welcome to part three in our series: Starting School.

In part one we looked at school dinners and part two considered putting on your own coat and shoes. This time we’re looking at a selection of great books which deal with the subject of starting school. Take your pick from the four books below – they’re all the perfect introduction to Big School. The books give you the chance to talk about the school day, the parts of the school your child will visit and the different people they will meet. Reading these a few times over the summer will give your child lots of opportunity to become familiar with the school routines, helping them to  feel more ‘at home’ at big school.


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    oooh thanks for those book recommendations. Think I’ll check out Billy and the Big New School in anticipation of my little man starting school in September. Are there any books on how us mums can overcome our wobbles about their babies starting school?! 😉

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    Mum’s (and often Dad’s as well), have to put on a brave face when their child starts school, even if they have children who have already gone through the process. It is an exciting time but can also be very daunting. I am an Education Consultant with 30 years experience in primary schools and I run a course in my local area for parents to come along and talk about what will happen, what can be done to support children before they start, how best to respond to things your child tells you about their experiences and much more.

    The sessions last for an hour and a half and cost only £3 so if you live in Cambridgeshire and would like some more guidance or simply to meet other anxious parents and have some of your worries set to rest then come along to the CreativeXchange (Longsands campus) in St Neots on Thursday 16th August 2012 at 10am, 1pm or 3pm. To book a place call Cyndy on 01480 385960 or 07958278417. You will leave with a handout full of useful tips as well as those you will get from meeting and talking to others in the same position.

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