Balloon puppets

Gloriana, Queen of Balloons

Please welcome Her Royal Highness, Gloriana, Queen of Balloons.

This is Big’s creation made this weekend from the balloon she got from the vet’s open day, and the contents of our craft box. The balloon came with a plastic stick attached so it’s perfect to hold upright and move, play, dance with. The features are simply fastened on with sticky tape. She’s holding up pretty well, three days later, so we may be in for a long reign (so long as the kitten doesn’t pop her).

Have you ever made balloon puppets?

(One word of caution is that young children should be supervised with balloons. It they do pop, the pieces of balloon can be very dangerous if swallowed.)



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    Wow! The simplest ideas often grab their imagination the most! (Like my hubbies tent made out of a blanket for the baby to sit on and the baby’s babygym – our TODDLER loves that “tent”…). Thank you for sharing. And have voted at TheMads! 😉

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