Back to school 101: organise yourself for the new school year

audit your playspace

New year, new start

September always has a new year feeling for me. Whether we have children starting school, we’re expecting a new year’s intake or we’re at home with our own children or looking after others, it’s always good to pause every so often and take stock.

Audit your play

For my own children and the ones I look after I like to run an audit on our play space. As children develop through different stages and interests a quick check of our play space helps me keep pace with their learning and provide an interesting environment for them. Try these ideas to give your own place a play audit inside and outside.

Amanda at Not Just Cute is running a very helpful series of posts ready for the new school year. Even if you’re not based in a classroom there are lots of suggestions you can adapt for your children.

The Homeschool Post as some resolutions for homeschooling moms full of useful tips to get organised for the new year.

And I really enjoyed reading Scott’s post at Brick by Brick about learning together, expecially as the child he describes is just like on I know very well. It’s a great reminder to pause and think about the different personalities and learning stlyes of the children you know – so you can match your play to suit them best.

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I’ve recently discovered Pinterest, which I’m finding is a wonderful way to collate great ideas from around the web, all organised into different boards for art, craft, literacy and so on. Are you already using Pinterest? Maybe you’d like to follow some of NurtureStore’s boards and leave a comment with your Pinterest name so I can follow you back. If you’re not already but would like to join Pinterest I have six invitations available to share out. If you’d like an invitation just let me know and I’ll email one through to the first six of you – just leave a comment on this post.

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  1. Kym says

    Would love an invitation to follow you on pinterest. Your blogs are so useful and wonderful. I enjoy reading them during our 2 in the morning feedings. Thanks for the inspiration….

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Kym, the invitation’s on the way. I’m not sure I was capable of reading whilst doing those 2am feeds!

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