Autumn sensory tub with squirrels

Using all the materials we gathered in our treasure bags on our autumn scavenger hunt, today we made a sensory tub.

Sensory tubs are wonderful for young children to play with and at this time of year Mother Nature provides lots of ingredients to use which invite children to explore colours, textures and sounds.

We filled our tub with dry crisp leaves, sticks, acorns, conkers, fircones, seeds

autumn activities scavenger hunt


We invited some squirrels to come along and play. The children soon had the animals chatting to each other and building nests. I told them I’d hidden twenty acorns in the tub and asked the squirrels if they could find them all.
autumn sensory box
Did you notice how this squirrel is so neat and organised, with all its store of food so carefully sorted? (If only this child’s bedroom was to tidy.)
autumn sensory tub idea
And look how hard this hedgehog is toiling to bring its leaf wheelbarrow of goodies home to its family – with a leaf umbrella to shelter help from the rain.
autumn scavenger hunt sensory tub

More creative ways to use nature to inspire learning

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