Autumn nature table

autumn nature table

Do you create a seasonal nature table with your children? It’s so easy to do as the kids will probably be collecting conkers and acorns while they’re out and about anyway. We included some autumnal coloured flowers and some pumpkins and we’ll keep adding to it over the next few weeks.

A nature table lets the children connect with the changing seasons and provides lots of interesting textures for them to explore. The most important thing I think is to have this as a discovery table: not a decorative centre piece the children have to keep their hands off, but a place for them to explore. Let them touch and smell and manipulate the materials, and let them take things away from the table to use in their play too.

Do you let your babies and very young children play with natural materials? Whilst you need to be watchful as they will of course put everything in their mouth, it’s such a missed opportunity if you only let them have plastic toys to play with. The pumpkins will make an wonderfully interesting toy for them to explore, and the pine cones and conkers are so tactile and great for sensory play.

What’s on your nature table this month?

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