Animals of the night :: 7 days of creativity with the Night Zookeeper

We have been joined by the Night Zookeeper this week. He has put together a selection of ideas on how to create magical animals and share them with the world by uploading them to his wonderful online zoo.

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Fantastic creative fun for kids: download the Night Zookeeper!

Good evening and welcome to my zoo. This zoo is unlike any other in the world. Here you can awaken your imagination and play under the light of stars. There are thousands of magical animals in our zoo, from Time Travelling Elephants to Spying Giraffes.

What will you create?

Young zookeepers all over the world have been creating magical animals in lots of different ways. Test your creativity by completing a different mission each day.

Monday: the painted animal…

Need help coming up with ideas, visit the animals of the night gallery. Once you have painted your animal you could write an adventure story about it. Download one of our free resources to help you.

Tuesday: the vegetable animal…

Tasty work! Now that you have created your animal, take a photo of it and upload it to our website. Why not write a recipe for your animal’s favourite food!

Wednesday: the play dough animal…

If you have created an animal make sure you check our Animals of the Night gallery to see if you made it! All our Animals of the Night have amazing pictures and wonderful stories. Try writing a story about your play dough animal that includes a word that you have never used before.
IMG_44795 400

Thursday: the digital animal…

Visit and select our online drawing tool to create a digital animal.Why not write a poem about this animal. You can use our resource centre to help you
6 400

Friday: the recycled animal…

Your fellow zookeepers need your help! Write instructions for how to make a recycled animal. Visit our resource centre for help with this.
7 400

Saturday: the teleporting torch…

The Teleporting Torch delivers free daily drawing activities to your iPad. They inspire you to read, draw and write stories about magical animals! Download it here to see if your animal has made it into the Night Zoo.

Sunday: story pairs…

In Night Zookeeper Story Pairs every game is an adventure. Players compete in a game of Pairs, collecting unique magical animals that have been created by children from around the world. Download it here to see if your animal has made it onto a card.

I hope you have a great week and if you have any questions along the way please contact We’ll be sure to come running!

Best wishes,

Night Zookeeper Paul

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  1. helen says

    I absolutely LOVE your website and thank you so much for sharing your fantastic ideas with us! I teach 5/6 year old children and welcome any ideas you have to make Numeracy more fun for them.

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