Add ribbons and swirl

dancing with ribbons

I loved Jeanne’s comment saying the title of yesterday’s post sounded like a recipe, so continuing with that idea we today we have ‘take one child, add a dash of ribbons and swirl together with music.’

Children always have the best play ideas, don’t they? These pictures show B enjoying dancing with the streamers she made after discovering a forgotten bag of ribbons. She simply tied a one to the end of a stick and was ready to go. Both my girls love dancing but I’ve resisted sending them to an organised dance class for now, instead letting them explore their own dance style.

Create your own dance studio

Dancing is a wonderful activity to develop physical skills and balance and is great for lifting the mood if kids are feeling grouchy. (We love a kitchen disco on a gloomy, rainy day!) It’s a fun way to encourage children to be active,  needs no special equipment and so can enjoyed any time and any where.

To make an at-home dance studio simply create some space by pushing back sofas and moving tables, or even try some dancing outside.

Offer different styles of music for the children to try out and see how they move differently as the music changes. You could try this, this or this!

If you want you can provide some added extras such as B’s streamers or scarves and pieces of floaty fabric.

Then leave the children to it, to enjoy moving their bodies and choreographing their own dance routines.

Are your children dancers?

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