Activities for toddlers :: cooking with toddlers

Here is the final installment in our special series featuring activities for toddlers. We’ve already covered sensory play, maths games, art and craft, reading, writing and song, and outdoor play, science and active games and today our last edition is all about cooking. Can toddlers cook? You bet they can! It might get just a little messy, but it’s great fun and packed with opportunity for learning. Here are some simple recipes, all tried and tested with my own kids.

activities for toddlers cooking

Activities for toddlers :: cooking

The first link here looks at all the things that children can learn through cooking. We also have some classic recipes such as gingerbread men, as well as some great cooking ideas for the different seasons of the year.

what kids learn when cooking

gingerbread men recipe

put a rainbow in your tummy

simple recipes :: choc chip flapjack

Easter nest cakes

Snowmen cookie pops

Christmas tree cookies

Ice cream snowmen

homemade ice lollies

More activities for toddlers

Zero to Two: The Book of Play is full of fun activities for babies and toddlers. Download you copy here!

activities for babies and toddlers 500


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