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Welcome to day two of our week long series dedicated to the lovely, playful and sometimes willful stage of childhood that is toddlerhood. Yesterday we looked at sensory play and today we’re got some of our favourite ideas for arts and crafts. They’re ideas which are just right for two- and three-year olds (but also great for bigger kids too!)

activities for toddlers art and craft

Activities for toddlers: art

Art ideas for toddlers are very much part of sensory play. It’s a great stage to introduce different materials such as paint, glue and crayons. Art at this age (and in my opinion at any age!) is all about enjoying the process. We’re not so concerned about the end result – although toddlers can be very proud of their art work and it’s lovely to set up an art gallery on the fridge or wall to show off their work. Let them enjoy the doing – the touching, feeling, swirling and swooshing!

painting on textures

finger painting rainbows

newspaper art

no paint brushes allowed kids painting station

contact paper art

carrot printing

salad spinner art

bubble art

roller painting with cars

flower printing

wet on wet waterpainting

potato printing

a whole year of painting ideas

Activities for toddlers: simple crafts

Here are some simple craft ideas you can try with your toddlers. They all make use of junk or recycled materials and they’re easy to make. They’re fun things you can try with your child that give you a toy or a puppet to play with for even more fun once you’ve finished making.

tea party puppets

make a marvellous hat

Easter bunnies

make a double decker bus

make a ride-on train

daffodil windmills (pinwheels)

egg box dragon

paper bag monsters

junk model snake


More activities for toddlers

Zero to Two: The Book of Play is full of fun activities for babies and toddlers. Download you copy here!

activities for babies and toddlers 500

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