12 great ways to re-use wrapping paper

reuse gift wrap
What to do with all your left over gift wrap? Here are 12 fabulous ideas for creative projects to re-use your wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper to play with

Dress up lollypop stick puppets (above)

Make a gown for a balloon puppet

Play a pattern matching game

Make your doll a beautiful bed

Wrapping paper cards and decorations

Make globe ornaments (above)

Make a paper curl Christmas tree

Send Christmas thank you cards

Create a colourful collage

Dress an angel

Wrapping paper art

Use strips for 3-D art (above)

Fold and crimp to make a beautiful bouquet

Add to contact paper to create a sun catcher

How do you use re-use your gift-wrap? Leave a link in the comments and share an idea.


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